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False Alarm…

You know how last month I was talking about how I was missing social media and all that jazz?

Well… last week I broke my 9 month absence and reactivated my Facebook account.

And… less than 48 hours later, I deactivated it again. 

It reminded me of the first time I had soda after I had given it up for 4 years. In my mind I was thinking, “man… I used to just love the bubbles and how refreshing it was to enjoy a nice cold glass of sprite/dr. pepper/whatever was”. But here’s how it actually felt just two sips in, “how in the WORLD did I used to drink this all day long?!” (I’m fully aware that I just lost all credibility with the majority of the population that loves drinking soda… I’ll live with it).

What was it that made me pull the plug so soon? Afterall, I didn’t install the app and I really only spent a total of 1 hour on my laptop checking on a few long-distance friends and deleting a bunch of things. 

The simple fact that it was there again became an instant energy suck. I know it might not make sense (some super brilliant person somewhere has probably already done a scientific study about this and they know exactly what I’m talking about), but I had forgotten what it was like to feel pressured to maintain or, at the very least engage online, simply because I have an active account. An online version of myself. Available 24/7 for people to see. Comments and friend requests accumulating while I’m going about my business. I might have started thinking that the grass was greener on the other side, but it turns out I had just forgotten what it really felt like. 

So, where does that leave me after my whole dilemma about words and connecting in the 21st century and all that?

It leaves me right here.

Still in the midst of a beautiful world.

Still in the center of God’s perfect plans.

It leaves me with freedom to keep build relationships face-to-face while I continue to share random thoughts here. AND, it also gives me extra time to work on creating a few other things that have been in the works for a while (curriculum and, eventually, a book).

Love y’all! TTYS.

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