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Books Every Parent Should Read

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below and I may receive compensation for purchases made through the links in this post. These are all products that I highly recommend and have personally used.

Before we jump into todays’ list, here are some fun stats about what I read last year (if you aren’t into stats, then feel free to just skip this):

  • I read 51 non-fiction books (17 of which fall under the category of parenting/education)
  • I read 50 fiction books (21 of which were read alouds to my kids)
  • The publication year of the books I read ranged from 1596 to 2021 (not counting the Bible, which I don’t include in my reading lists)
  • 41 of the books I read were published more than fifty years ago

These random stats might not mean a whole lot to everyone, but I find them super insightful. I get so much more out of reading when I stretch myself to read things that I might not naturally be drawn to, so tracking what I am reading is very helpful! If you have a breakdown of what your reading looked like last year, share with me in the comments section!

Below you will find my top five recommended books out of the 17 that I read from parenting/education category last year. Whether you are a parent of littles or teenagers and whether you homeschool, public school, forest school or anything in-between–I think all of these books have something awesome to offer.

Recommended Parenting/Education Books

Who Should Read This Book: Everyone (especially people who don't already know how AWESOME reading aloud is)

Whether you are expecting your first child, your kids are teens or you just want to start reading aloud to your spouse, friends or aging parents–this book is GOLD. Packed with information, inspiration, a short history of the art of reading aloud and tangible how to’s. Cannot recommend this book enough!

Who Should Read This Book: Every parent in America (especially if your kids are under the age of 18 or you have a tendency to helicopter parent)

There are books that inspire you. Books that make you think. Books that entertain you. And then there are books (like THIS one) that literally change your life. This book challenged me. It blew my mind a couple of times. It made me laugh. And it made me question a multitude of my parenting choices. The changes that I made as a result of reading this book were nothing less than transformational for my family.

Disclaimer: This book is likely to either piss you off or change your life (or a little of both). Read at your own risk.

Who Should Read This Book: Parents that want to be more adventurous (especially homeschooling mommas)

This book provides fun, do-able, real life ideas on how to cultivate more adventure with your kiddos–perfect for the parent that isn’t already backpacking the wilderness, but wants to get their feet wet.

Who Should Read This Book: Every parent in America (especially if you don't have the time/desire to read a whole stack of other books)

This book was such a fun and interesting read! Perfect for anyone that wants to learn to enjoy spending time outdoors (all year long) or anyone that wants to cultivate more resiliance in their children. This book is comparable to others like “Last Child in The Woods”, but is a bit shorter and focuses less on science/theory and more on personal experience.

Who Should Read This Book: Every homeschooling momma that loves Jesus

Reading this little book was like covering my soul with a balm of encouragement. I read it at the beginning of the school year and again over Christmas break. No other book on the topic of homeschooling has impacted me as a mother/teacher more profoundly.


If you haven’t read the first two recommending reading lists from this series you can find them here!

Check back next week for the final list–favorite read alouds from 2021!


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