I’ve spent the past few months processing, praying, reading, grieving and soaking in each moment… and I’m happy to announce that now I’M BACK! 

You may have noticed that 1) Things look a little different around here and 2) I haven’t been on social media at all (if you’ve got crazy online stalking skills or an abundance of free time on your hands, you may have even seen that all of my YouTube videos and social media profiles have been hidden too).

It’s true. I broke up with social media. I quit YouTube. I removed all of my content.

And it feels SO GOOD.

Going forward, all of my creative energy will be channelled into “real-life” (things I can do with my hands, people I can invest in eyeball-to-eyeball) and this blog. 

Stay tuned for musings on various things.

1 thought on “I’m BACK!”

  1. Hey Christine! My name is Amanda. We met in the post office on that random day! I was hoping we could connect and grab coffee one day.


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